PCDJ Red Mobile BUILD 7147

Esta es la ultima version de este increible soft para DJ.

Este es el Changelog de la ultima version, desde la pagina oficial:

V 1.0.7147
-Updated protection should fix some more performance issues
-Negative autofade time is now allowed to insert a gap between 2 songs in autoplay mode
-Improved DJ-Tech i-Mix support
-M4A/MP4 tag writing added
-HC4500 display should be correct when returning from CD mode
-Fixed problem browsing to network shares
-Fixed bug preventing 2 Denon HS-5500’s to be used simultaneously
-Added Denon Controllers option to select Match button action
-Added DAC-2 ‘constant pitch bend’ option
-Fixed DAC3 ‘constant pitch bend’ option
-Right-click playlist/browser scroll bar to show total length of that folder or playlist
-Fix possible playlist search crash

Bueno, el pack incluye crack.


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